A selection of unsolicited testimonials is set out below.

"Just wanted to drop you a quick to say thanks for hosting the event on Wednesday. I found it very useful." L Carless, July 16

"Thank you for making me feel welcome, it was a great first networking experience for me." V Tavares, June 16

"It was a pleasure to meet you on Friday and participate in the Peal Networking lunch. I particularly liked the introduction round where people spoke about themselves rather than their business and agree with your view that people will do business with someone they know and like first and foremost."  J Guthrie, June 16

"Many thanks for the event .... very good meeting!"  M Muti, Mar 16

"Thank you for hosting a productive Networking event yesterday.  I will definitely be attending one of your events again."  A Jobs, Mar 16

"Great to meet this lunch time and thank you for a productive session."  S Nicolleau, Jan 16

"Many thanks for Friday’s meeting. I really enjoyed it ... I look forward to paying a return visit." D Hughes, Oct 2015

"It was a real pleasure to meet with you on Thursday and I thoroughly enjoyed my first Peal Networking event – I will certainly be signing up for further lunches."  A Roy, Jun 2015

"Thanks for running today's Peal Networking event....I thought it very productive.  Like most of us, my focus at any networking event is to make a small number of high-quality, deeper connections - and today's event has done that for me. So thanks."  D Beverly, Jun 2015

"A quick email to say ‘thank you’ for the networking event on Friday ... I enjoyed meeting everyone very much and liked the ‘getting to know you’ approach rather than the ‘what do you do’ approach"  CM, Jun 15

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your networking event last week.  I thought it was well organised with an interesting group of people and the structure .. was an excellent way to get to know everybody and what they had to offer"  S Slade, May 2015

"An excellent meeting, good crowd. I liked the chat!" A Segal, Apr 2015

"It was nice to meet you and the others today and to learn more about what everybody does. Thanks for arranging it and for lunch! I look forward to seeing you again at a future event as I will certainly be back."  J Prior, Feb 2015

"Lovely to see you and really enjoyed the meeting last week – thank you"  J Barter, Jan 2015

"Very enjoyable meeting eariier!  Z Naqvi, Jan 2015

"Friday's networking event very useful.  I met a couple of really nice people and learned of ..." L O'Neill, Jan 2015

"I enjoyed my first Peal Networking event today. Many thanks for making me welcome and for your hosting .."  J Schonegevel, Dec 2014

"Attended my first event on Thursday and was instantly made to feel welcome.  A great mix of attendees and a very helpful and focussed discussion .."  P Turk, Nov 2014

"Great to see you and to meet such a nice group of people. Thank you for a stimulating meeting"  M Hemus, Nov 2014

"It was a pleasure to meet you the other week ....  It was a very interesting group indeed.  I really enjoyed the tips and advice at the end, which doesn't really take place during other networking sessions."   A Boczkowska, Jun 2014

"Just a quick line to say thanks so much for a lively lunch - it was good to meet people in a relaxed atmosphere and be able to have an actual conversation.  Looking forward to catching up at the next one! "  A-M Alonso, May 2014

"Thank you for organising such an interesting event.  I feel I have made some really good contacts."  C Brown, Nov 2013

"I found the event very informative; I did like the structure which many of these events often lack.  I would be interested to attend the next one ..."  A London, Oct 2013

"... thank you again for inviting me to the group today.   I really enjoyed it and will certainly be back."  C Murray-Jameson, Oct 2013

".. thank you for welcoming me to yesterday’s meeting ... I was very glad to have the opportunity to meet so many representatives of local businesses round one table!"  R Swansea, Oct 2013

"Thanks for an interesting and enjoyable event yesterday ... I hope to see you next month."  S Walsh, July 2013

"Thank you for hosting a great event today.  I found it very useful and intend to attend future events."  C George, Jul 2013

"Thank you for a great event today ..."  F Jouet, Jun 2013

"Once again a most enjoyable PEAL last Friday.  Informal but lightly structured, the group is always free to form its own dynamic which keeps it fresh and interesting.  I look forward to the next one."  A Theoharris, Apr 2013

"I thought it was a brilliant networking session and hope to be able to attend as many as possible ..."  P Ruane, Mar 2013

".. it was a pleasure to meet you and I really enjoyed your event .... I will certainly be attending another Peal event soon.."  R Lisk, Mar 2013

"Very good session last week.  Most enjoyable."  A Dodwell, Jan 2013

"Thank you for being a wonderful host for the event."  C Andronache, Nov 2012

"Many thanks for the Guildford event last week which has produced three new leads for me on only my second attendance at this event."  Nigel Roberts of PretigeLettings.co, Nov 2012

"Just wanted to thank you very much for a great networking event last week.  What a wonderful turnout.  And always so good to hear other people's hints and suggestions."  C Phelan, Sept 2012

"Great to meet you yesterday - I really enjoyed the group and you marshalled us perfectly!"  O Case, Aug 2012

"A great meeting with a lot of good contacts.."  D Feldman, Aug 2012

"I really enjoyed the event and hopefully will be at the next one"  D Williams, Aug 2012

".. many thanks for yesterday's event. It was great to meet you and connect with an interesting group .."  S Parker, Aug 12

"Another excellent meeting yesterday .."  S Gaubert, July 2012

"Thank you for hosting a most enjoyable and thought provoking event today"  J Shaw, July 2012

"It was well worth the trip and a great mix of people ..." A Price, July 2012

"Many thanks for today. The event was v well-structured .... I'll definitely be recommending you!" JF, June 12

"A very enjoyable meeting ..."  N Hardy, May 2012

"I very much enjoyed it, met some interesting people and will definitely be attending again in the future."  M May, May 12

"Good meeting today I thought with the usual mix of new and established ‘Pealers’ .."  N Parsons, May 12

"As always I thoroughly enjoyed it and am grateful to you for organising such a relaxed networking event with a very pleasant atmosphere."  S Parry-Jones, May 12

"It was good to meet you at Peal Networking today.  It was a great success so well done."  M Eve, Apr 2012

"Thanks  for making me so welcome to my first network meeting .."  D Brook, Mar 2012

'Thanks for hosting the recent Guildford event, which I thought was very good. I'd definitely be interested in atttending further events.'  D Jenking, Mar 2012

'I really enjoyed our last networking session and you had a good turn out of interesting people'  N Maud, Mar 2012

"Thank you very much for arranging this event, which I found interesting and useful."  M Jones, Feb 2012

"I thought the event was pitched just in the right way.  Enough structure to be informative and identify opportunities but informal enough to make it enjoyable .."  P Speck, Jan 2012

"Thank you for the warm welcome last Friday.  It was great to find out about what everybody does, and I especially liked your format: informal but structured..."  A Theoharris, Nov 2011

"I enjoyed the meeting, much more relaxed and conversational than other networking groups, which I'm sure makes it more effective .."  J Goodson, Nov 2011

"A good meeting last night & yet again a good quality of attendees ..."  D Feldman, July 2011

"Great meeting last night .."  I Kent, July 2011

"I would like to thank you for being a great host on Tuesday, It was certainly an interesting evening and very much valued."  M Kearnon, July 2011

".. it was a really great event and some very useful contacts."  B Ross-Dow, March 2011

"Just a quick note to thank you for Tuesday's Lunch Forum.  Had a very enjoyable lunch, with some delightful company .. a relaxed, convivial atmosphere.."  R Patel, March 2011

 "It was a very enjoyable lunch today - some interesting people and hopefully good contacts for the future."  D Williams, March 2011

"I have now been to three of the lunchtime meetings and continue to enjoy them. I always appreciate your efforts and the warm welcome from you."  J Waldon, November 2010

"Just a brief note to say thank you for Friday.  I very much enjoy the events in Haslemere and I think they are also very useful ... I hope you find it as worthwhile as I do."  S Parry-Jones, June 2010