Peal Networking


Peal Networking Club was set up in August 2004 and has the fundamental objectives of making business networking as enjoyable, productive and flexible as possible. 

There are no joining or annual fees – payment of £25 [if paid a week in advance] is only necessary for each event attended.  Similarly there are no requirements to make referrals as we believe that these will naturally follow when trust has been established.  And finally anyone and everyone can attend – there is no limitation to have only one member of each profession or sector.

Events are held on a monthly basis and we provide a buffet lunch and a drink.  There is a combination of formal and informal networking, and a brief presentation or a discussion on a topical business area.  We ask that you book in advance so that orders can be placed for the appropriate amount of food and refreshments.


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If you are or aspire to be an entrepreneur, owner-manager, director or partner, you may be interested in The Board.  This provides an opportunity for senior individuals to discuss business issues in confidence with trusted colleagues, and to build strong business relationships with a peer group. (the Chatham House Rule applies).  It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top!  Why reinvent the wheel, when there is likely to be someone else present who has faced similar issues? 



We regularly send details of business opportunities to all members of Peal Networking Club.  These opportunites are business-related and generated by members.  If you have an opportunity that you would like to have circulated, please contact with brief details.