Opportunities etc.

[If you have an opportunity that you would like to be listed, please send brief details to philip@pealnetworking.co.uk]
654: Commercial Vehicles for Sale [NOW CLOSED]

As a result of a company liquidation, there is an online auction of various commercial vehicles with original registration dates ranging from 1999 to 2006.  The bidding closes on 11th June, and further details are available at www.marriottco-auctions.co.uk


Nearly every photocopier since 2002 contains a hard drive storing copies of every document. These copiers are often leased and upgraded regularly, so you get an upgrade and your old copier is wheeled out with a hard drive full of sensitive information - these copiers are often sold in bulk overseas!  Many thanks to Rob Clark for this - he recommends that anyone interested should listen to http://www.grc.com/securitynow.htm.  Anyone concerned about the contents of their photocopier should contact their photocopier supplier and have permission for their IT department to use data erasing software on the machine's hard drive before returning them from hire.

652: Work Placement for Accountancy 2nd year Student [NOW CLOSED]

A second year Accounting and Finance student at University of Exeter is actively seeking a summer work placement, ideally in a practical accountancy or bookkeeping environment.  No payment is required for this 23 year old student who is from Hong Kong.  For further details including a copy of his CV please email philip@pealnetworking.co.uk

651: Business for Sale - Structural and Building Repair Solutions [NOW CLOSED]

One of our members has been engaged to find a purchaser for a long established business that specialises in structural and building repair, basement construction, underpinning, new build piling and foundation solutions.  The current owners are now approaching retirement age.  The turnover for last year was £3.9m and EBITDA was £471k, and the forecast numbers for 2009/10 are similar.  The business has remained profitable during the recession, and is now well placed to grow significantly as the economy recovers.  For further details please email philip@pealnetworking.co.uk

650: Free London event with 'Boris' on 24 May [NOW CLOSED]

London mayor Boris Johnson will be chairing an event to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing small businesses.  Also attending will be the CEO of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chair of the London Policy Unit of the Federation of Small Businesses and the CEO of Bright Ideas Trust.  It will be held at the Mermaid centre, Blackfriars on Monday 24th May from 6pm onwards.  Entrance is free, but you will need to book in advance at www.london.gov.uk/small-business-big-business-event

649: Machinery & Equipment Sale [NOW CLOSED]

A liquidation sale of sheet metal working equipment, welding machinery and related equipment is taking place by way of online auction.  The equipment can be viewed on 11th May, and offers should be submitted by 3pm on 12th May.  For further details please see www.marriottco-auctions.co.uk.


There may be a solution to issues faced by businesses with new or existing borrowing.  If for example you believe the proposed or existing terms are unfair, your case could be referred to your region's Financial Intermediary for mediation.  This new position has only been in place for a few months and the role is likely to increase in importance  whatever the complexion of the new government.  The Financial Intermediary for the South East will accept direct referrals from Peal Networking Club.  Alternately if you have been turned down due to lack of security, the EFG [Enterprise Finance Guarantee] scheme may be the answer.  If you have been turned down due to a poor credit record, we are aware of at least one lender who will consider lending in these circumstances.  And finally if you are not sure why you have been turned down, you may need to look at the financial projections again - they will need to demonstrate serviceability of both the interest cost and the monthly cash repayments.  Should you have any other queries in this area, please get in touch directly for a free assessment of your position.

647: Central Guildford Office Space [NOW CLOSED]

An air conditioned office in central Guildford is immediately available.  It is a second floor office of approximately 650 sq ft with a decked balcony, and the asking rent is £16,250 exclusive.  It is available on a new lease with terms to be agreed.  Please get in touch if you would like an introduction.

646: Retail Distributor Wanted [NOW CLOSED]

A Norwegian company is seeking a UK distributor for its high-end jewellery accessory product.  The product which is highly innovative and subject to patent protection, has been launched in Sweden, Denmark and Japan.  The distributor must be able to demonstrate a network of UK retail outlets.  Initial meetings are planned for April.  For further information please email info@pealnetworking.co.uk

645: Serviced Offices, Guildford [NOW CLOSED]

A number of fully furnished serviced offices are immediately available in a period office building in central Guildford.  They range from 2 to 10 persons, at a rental from £495 to £2,500 per month, and there is a minimum commitment of 6 months.  For further information please email info@pealnetworking.co.uk