The Board


Would you like to grow your business?

Do you need a forum to discuss business issues and ideas?

Would you like to build strong business relationships?


'The Board' was set up for senior individuals to discuss business issues with trusted colleagues, and to build strong business relationships with a peer group.  We believe that the best way of gaining more business is to create trust by taking a 'How Can I Help My Colleagues' approach, rather than 'What Can I Sell?'  Any discussions are confidential - the Chatham House rule applies. 

Board meetings are held over lunch generally in the private room of a restaurant. 

Forthcoming Board meeting dates are: 
  • City Board on 12th November and 10th December
  • Mayfair Board on 19th November and 17th December
  • Guildford Board on 5th November and 3rd December
  • Surrey Board on 27th November [special visitor event] and 18th December

In general one member of each sector or profession can join each Board.  The cost of being a Board member comprises a monthly fee [payable by standing order], plus the cost of lunch/dinner - the bill is split equally amongst Board members.   Visitors can try out The Board at a special rate of £25+VAT plus an equal share of the lunch/dinner bill.  There is no mimumum period of membership, as we believe that membership should only continue whilst both sides are gaining from the relationship.

Some members value additional support and guidance.  This may take the form of mentoring and/or support from members of the wider Board community.  If you would like further information, please email